hairband™  instantly pumps up the volume and maximizes length for a gorgeous head of extensions in less than 5 minutes, giving you added volume and effortless style anytime.

Made from 100% Remy Human Hair and placed on a handsewn weft, hairband stretches to fit every head shape and size, truly making it the must-have accessory for every woman.

hairband™ is a patent-pending accessory that does not include any hooks that may cause discomfort during wear.

hairband is also available in Colormelts™


Available Lengths:

14” – 16” | 18” – 20”

40cm | 50cm

Step 1

Before placing the hairband, brush the hair and style as desired. This will allow the hairband to lay naturally. Parting the hair will make blending easier.


Step 2

Place hairband on the crown of the head. The hairband should rest about 2” from the hairline. Allow the weft to fall naturally between the ears at the occipital.



Step 3

Using the end of a rattail comb, gently pull the natural hair over the hairband to disguise it.




Step 4

Continue this around the head until the band is completely covered and seamless.



Color Swatches