Combining our Rooted Mini Strands Plus with innovative color technology, Pops of Color deliver vibrant, jaw-dropping hues. With ten colors to choose from, the color combinations are endles!


Never regret bangs again! Create a perfect fringe every time with hairtalk®’s Bang In accessory, the perfect solution for clients looking for commitment-free versatility in an instant.


Pump up your client’s look in seconds! Our customizable top of the head parting accessory integrates seamlessly with your client’s natural hair.


Introducing 5 new Colormelts, a spectrum of gorgeous shades that melt into one another. Colormelt was inspired by hand-painted techniques such as Ombré and Balayage, but fashioned in a way that requires no chemical services or treatments!


What you’ve all been waiting for. Color 60A is an icier version of our former color 60. With violet undertones, this blonde “steels” the show.


Introducing 3 NEW Rooted shades! Rooted technology is perfect for guests with ash, dark, or shadow roots. This rooted plus extension begins at the band with approximately 1.5” of the base root and a transition into a lighter hue. Choose from 8 shades of warm, ashy, or cool tones. Allowing for a natural and discreet look, rooted extensions cater to the dark roots and blonde hair “shadow roots” trending style.


Everyone undertands that hair extensions are an investment.  At hairtalk, we have always given more length than what our measurements have stated.

For example, our 10”-12” hair truly measures to 13” inches long. This is very important for our stylists to understand, and for this reason we are updating the lengths on our packaging and price list.

When it comes to the extensions themselves, nothing has changed.  Our hair is still tapered, our quality is still the best and you’re still receiving the same length you’ve always loved.


As the creators of the tape-in hair extension, hairtalk® understands the importance of offering clients the absolute best quality and service. For this reason, hairtalk® is proud to announce the new Hassle Free Warranty on all of our extensions.

Even with a quality satisfaction rate of 99%, we know that there may be a time when a quality issue arises. If the stylist feels the hair Is defective, they can file a claim under our Hassle Free Warranty within 6 months from date of purchase. When filing a claim under our Hassle Free Warranty, hair will undergo an inspection process. Regardless of the outcome, the stylist will receive a full or prorated credit on the hair to apply to new replacement hair.  Upon completion of the inspection, results will be provided to the stylist. If the hair is not found to be truly defective, the solution on how to restore the extensions back to original condition will be communicated back to the stylist to prevent the issue in the future. Hairtalk® is here to ensure that our stylist’s clients receives 6 months of perfect hair.

In order to qualify for our Hassle Free Warranty, the extensions must be actively and exclusively used with hairtalk® adhesive tape and haircare products. Chemically processing the hair voids the warranty.

*Please understand that hairtalk® reserves the right to remove the Hassle Free Warranty in specific cases where hairtalk® finds the warranty is being abused. In these cases, the customer will return to our original warranty, in which extensions must be found truly defective by hairtalk® quality control team to qualify for a prorated refund.



Ready to get more creative with your craft? Unhappy with your current hair extension quality? hairtalk® is here to prove to you that our hair quality is the best in the industry. Provide us with a recent competitor invoice, and we’ll give you a full head of hair extensions and a Professional Color Ring at 50% off! We’ll also include an Essential Hair Care Set, adhesive bands for re-application, Remove solvent, and accessories for free with your order! To redeem, follow the 4 simple steps below. Prepare to have your life changed. With hairtalk® Extensions, the possibilities are endless.


  • Call 800-327-7971 ext 0 to speak with a representative
  • E-mail a photo of your competitor invoice and your cosmetology license to your representative.
  • Order your first full head of extensions and Professional Color Ring with the help of a representative for 50% off!
  • Receive free hair care, adhesive bands, solvent, and accessories with your order!

• Invoice date should be within the last 6 months.
• Full head of hair value to be disclosed by phone.
• Offer valid for new customers and customers who have not purchased from us in over one year.
• All competitors accepted except Hotheads Hair Extensions
• Limit 1 Trade Up Program per customer.