Color Rings

With over 40 shades, there are more than 500 color combinations possible when multiple colors are blended together. The hairtalk® Color Rings are essential tools when matching guests to perfect the colors they will need for their extension service.

Professional Color Ring
Length: 13″  |  33cm

Using our human hair color ring to match your client’s hair will offer you the most seamless blend. Most clients have multiple tones and will require 2 to 3 colors to be blended to achieve the most natural appearance. Two separate colors can be blended together to create an entirely unique shade. Simply place the color ring near the hair to identify the closest match, look at the color code and refer to it when placing your order. It’s best to match your guest in natural lighting.

Color Ring
Length: 5″  |  13cm

The hairtalk color ring is a smaller ring that offers a cost effective tool for identifying your client’s shade of hairtalk. Ombré & Rooted colors are not featured on this Color Ring. For a full sampling of hairtalk bands and all color effects, please refer to the Professional Color Ring.

Adhesive Bands

The key to reusing hairtalk® Extensions is in the hypoallergenic adhesive. Each pack of adhesive bands comes with enough bands to retape extensions 3 additional times. The adhesive bands have rounded edges and are specifically crafted for each extension style.

Original Adhesive Bands
60 Pack

Original Adhesive Bands are 1.6″ / 4cm and are designed specifically for reuse of hairtalk Original, Partial, Original Plus, Rainbow, and Fantasy Packs.

Petite Adhesive Bands
36 Pack

Petite Adhesive Bands are 1.1″ / 3cm and are designed specifically for reuse of hairtalk Petite & Petite Plus Packs.

Mini Adhesive Bands
60 Pack

Mini Adhesive Bands are .4″ / 1cm and are designed specifically for reuse of hairtalk Mini Strand & Mini Strand Plus Packs.

Marketing & Training Essentials

Marketing and training materials available to you include:

  Application Reference Guide
•  Brochure
•  Training DVD
•  Maintenance Guide
•  Posters

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