Introducing hairtalk’s® new Essential Hair Care Set- the perfect gift to include with your extension service. This all-in-one set includes everything your client needs to properly care for their hair extensions and comes with a beautiful white hairtalk cosmetic bag. Made with natural ingredients that cleanse, protect, and nourish, this Essential Haircare Set will improve manageability and keep your client’s luscious locks fresh.

Included in the Essential Haircare Set is:
Cleanse Shampoo
Nourish Conditioner
Nourish Plus Masque
Pocket Extension Brush
White hairtalk® Cosmetic Bag


Shampoo – 8 oz.

Hair’s natural oils keep it looking shiny – and many traditional shampoos strip them away completely. Cleanse has been specifically formulated to meet the needs of hair extensions without stripping it of hydration and nutrients. Cleanse is gentle enough for daily cleansing of the hair and scalp.


Conditioner – 8 oz.

Elasticity, shine and body is reinvigorated with the use of Nourish. Nourish gently detangles and reconstructs the strands of second hair and natural hair. Nourish can be rinsed out or worked into damp hair after washing so the hair can deeply absorb the nutrients and moisturizers. Nourish is light enough to leave in or rinse out.

Nourish Plus

Conditioning Masque – 8 oz.

Nourish Plus is a deep conditioning treatment that nourishes each strand weightlessly, increasing strength, manageability and shine. This luxurious repair cream can be used weekly or as needed, especially for blondes.


Solvent – 6.8 oz.

This medical grade alcohol based solvent is formulated specifically for the quick and gentle removal of hairtalk Extensions. With the use of Remove Solvent, adhesive bands are released from the natural hair without leaving any residue. The solvent is for professional use only.

Cleanse Plus

Intensive Shampoo – 25 oz.

Cleanse Plus is an intensive shampoo specifically designed to deep clean natural hair prior to the application of hairtalk Extensions. Cleanse Plus removes all build-up, minerals and residue from the hair. Cleanse Plus is for professional use only.


Sectioning Brush

The ergonomically designed Sectioning Brush has a pointed sectioning tail. This is a key tool in precision sectioning. This brush is essential in extension application.

Pocket Brush

The all-purpose Pocket Brush consists of short natural boar bristles and longer plastic bristles. Together they redistribute the oils throughout the hair creating healthy, shiny and manageable hair. The small oval design makes it perfect for styling on the go.

Extension Brush

This Extension Brush also consists of short natural boar bristles and longer plastic bristles. Its rectangular design can be used to increase volume during styling. The natural fibers take and distribute oil from the top of the head down to the ends, which are often the part of the hair requiring the most hydration.

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