4 Tips for Weft Hair Extension Care This Summer

Woman pulling her hair back at a pool.

Inside a client’s summer tote you will likely find: a towel, spray sunscreen, a snack or two, a hat (if you’re lucky), and maybe a post-pool sundress. But how many clients actually pack the essentials needed for hair extension care?  

Sharing extension maintenance tips solidifies a partnership between stylists and their clients. When a stylist finishes an application, clients should understand that the hair-upkeeping responsibilities now lie in their hands. Help your clients know exactly how to protect their weft extensions this summer with our stylist-backed tips.  

What Makes Maintaining Summer Hair Challenging?

While extension care benefits clients year-round, hair maintenance is especially important as the weather warms and beach trips fill calendars. The more runs, pool days, and sauna time clients schedule, the more showering follows. Not only can over-washing potentially dry out clients’ hair, but tousling extensions and applying conditioner too close to the root can cause weft beads to slip. Plus, considering the hairtalk® Weft Collection features 100% Remy human hair, wefts may depigment just as natural locks do when faced with chlorine and tanning oils. 

After undergoing a consultation, stocking inventory, color matching, and stitching beads in place, a client’s wefts not lasting as long as promised can be beyond frustrating.  

Our Tips for Protecting Weft Hair Extensions

Fortunately, if you already selected weft hair extensions for a client, you are off to a great start. Compared to tape-ins, wefts have a longer wearability window and can withstand more overuse from those with active lifestyles.  

Whether your client is an extension novice or a weft-wearer in need of hair-care reminders, check out every extension tip under the sun. 

One blonde weft extension next to two brunette weft extensions.

Tip #1: Invest in Hair Extension Tools

Of course, weft maintenance will never succeed without proper applications. Stay organized from the start and never rush through back-to-back appointments again with expert weft tools. Use a bead looping tool to load multiple beads at once instead of searching for the nearest one mid-application. Have clips at-the-ready with a magnetic wristlet to free up your hands while adjusting a weft’s placement.   

Be sure to also select weft tools that support precise sectioning and a secure foundation for clients’ hair. The pointed tail of a sectioning brush, for example, helps keep hair in one place—essential when sliding strands through beads.  

After finishing an application, recommend products that clients can use to protect their weft extensions such as heat protectants, clarifying shampoos, and leave-in conditioners. These products can also be built into the price of your service to increase revenue per hour. 

Tip #2: Be Careful of Swimming with Extensions

Although it is best practice to avoid swimming with extensions altogether, realistically, your clients will enjoy hops in the pool. Dry hair soaks up chlorine and subsequently loses some of its natural oils. Before swimming, advise clients to create a chlorine barrier by wetting their hair. Running leave-in conditioner through the mid-lengths to hair ends can also prevent discoloration. 

For all summer activities, but especially swimming, recommend clients gently tie their hair in a braid or loose pony to limit tangling and tugging on the weft beads.  

Tip #3: Maintain Healthy Beach Hair Protection

Swim caps may not be the most stylish option for your clients, so at the very least, suggest that they wear a hat to protect their hair from the sun. After a day of ocean dives, clients should immediately shower and then brush their extensions.  

Everyone loves a refreshing post-beach dinner, but make sure heat styling tools are not invited to the party. Clients should try to give their hair a break from high temperatures despite how tempting showing up to a restaurant with fresh curls may be.  

Tip #4: Consider Machine Weft Hair Extensions

During the consultation phase, assess the activity level of your client. If the client suggests that they will be swimming throughout the week, washing their hair often, and do not have a solid hair care routine, take careful consideration of which weft you recommend. While hairtalk®’s hand tied weft extensions have a more discreet weft seam, proper hair extension care is essential. Machine weft hair extensions, on the other hand, can take wear and tear, more suitable for clients with active lifestyles.  

Woman getting her hair shampooed by a stylist.

Beat the Heat with Premium Weft Hair Extensions

Although summer can be hard on wefts, addressing the importance of hair extension care will extend the extension lifespan and strengthen your client bonds.  

hairtalk®’s wefts feature a double-drawn design for uniform hair direction and sealed cuticles to enhance durability. Shop 100% Virgin Remy Human hair weft extensions today.  


This blog was written by professionals in the beauty industry and referenced first-hand stylist experiences.  

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