All About hairtalk Balayage Extensions

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All About hairtalk Balayage Extensions 
Balayage has become one of the last decade's fastest-growing and most popular hair trends. With it only becoming bigger in the beauty industry, stylists are under pressure to develop new skills to meet client needs. Creating a naturally painted look can often be challenging and time-consuming. Our goal is to develop practical solutions for you and your client. That is why we have created our revolutionary line of balayage extensions.
Perfectly painted, every time. 
Why Balayage Extensions? 
There are benefits for both the stylist and the client when it comes to balayage hair extensions. These extensions are a fool-proof way to deliver flawless results every single time while also adding length and volume to the hair. Not only will you deliver consistent results, but you will also save time behind the chair by using these extensions. Say goodbye to hours spent trying to paint each client perfectly, and fill your day with more appointments that will help you continue increasing your profits. 
While this saves you time as the stylist, the client also benefits from less time at the salon and a more efficient customer experience overall. In addition to receiving the sun-kissed, natural look they desire without the chemicals, they will also see an instant transformation in the volume and length of their hair. Creating consistent results and delivering multiple solutions in one appointment is key to retaining a loyal client base and building trust. 
Before and After Blonde Balayage 21" Tape Original | Colors 18/62B, 60A, 20 21" Tape Original Plus | Color 25/8R
The Details 
Our focus is to create solutions that we know stylists truly need. Being a professional-only brand ensures that we are creating products that we know stylists are asking for and can rely on for top quality. We used our expertise to create a line of balayage extensions that cater to all different clients and their unique needs while making the stylist's life easier.
Our most sought-after balayage shades are now available in various lengths for both Tape-In and Wefts, giving you the versatility to find what works best for every client. We offer a total of eight pre-blended shades that are perfectly melted and allow you to create a precise color match every. single. time.
Balayage Extension Swatches
Balayage Extension Models
hairtalk + Balayage
It’s safe to say that the balayage demand is not going anywhere anytime soon. We want to help you improve by continuing to create practical solutions that will take your business to the next level. Our balayage extension line will keep clients satisfied while making appointments easier for you. Now is the time to prep for the spring/summer rush and stock up on our most popular shades.

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