Back to Business: Post Quarantine Salon Preparedness Planning

Are you ready to reopen your business? After what feels like years of mandated closures, states have finally begun to allow stylists and salons to reopen their doors. The salon environment we once knew will now be disrupted with new government guidelines and restrictions that everyone must abide by. April Allen, hairtalk® Master Educator, Salon Owner, and Stylist, joined hairtalk® extensions to provide stylists and salon owners with her suggestions for preparing to get back to business in this new environment of safety and precaution.


hairtalk® extensions Back to Business Salons Reopening COVID-19 PPEThey say “communication is key” and this couldn’t be more true during these times. Before reaching out to clients, schedule a meeting with your team to discuss the back to business timeline. It’s important to consider any possible changes due to new salon guidelines (e.g., booking appointments, schedule changes, work and business hours, cashless payment options, etc.). In addition, plan a date to get back into the salon to reevaluate your layout, “high traffic” areas (e.g., reception area, breakroom, bathrooms, etc.) and to clean and disinfect your business. 

Download the hairtalk® Back to Business PDF with all of April’s recommendations and more. 

After making your plans, create a daily checklist to help you and your team ensure all precautions and plans are being observed throughout the day. Order precautionary supplies based on the size of your salon team and estimated client traffic in advanced. You don't want to run out of precautionary supplies shortly after reopening and have to turn down clients. hairtalk® is offering Stylists and Client Precautionary Kits and recommends inventorying these type of supplies.

hairtalk® extensions salon social distancing PPE COVID-19When you’re ready to begin contacting clients, April recommends setting appointment priorities for your services. For example, tape-in extension clients require about the same time as a cut and style - and the profit potential is a lot higher. Consider turning your quarantine self-color correction clients into a two appointment visit. That way, you won’t spend an entire work day with only one client. It's all about working with the end goal in mind - monetary or otherwise. Finally, don’t forget to post signs throughout the salon reminding stylists and clients to practice social distancing guidelines

Download the hairtalk® Thank You For Practicing Social Distancing sign.

CONGRATULATIONS on your re-opening and we are thrilled to be a partner in this. Remember you started a business once before and YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN! To learn more about hairtalk® extensions, expert advice on tape-in and weft extensions applications, and more, visit our Virtual Education page and register for a today.

by Randy Garcia | hairtalk® Brand Marketing Manager

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