Create the Look: A Wicked Rockabilly Bang Using A Customized Top Of The Head

Featuring hairtalk® Master Educator April Allen

For years hairtalk has been known for our innovative professional hair extensions! But did you know we have clip-in hair extension toppers? While many think hair toppers are just meant for clients experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, there’s so much more you can achieve! Our Top of the Head accessory pieces are freeing both hairstylists and clients alike, allowing them to create editorial looks, trending color, and unconventional cuts without having to alter the client’s natural hair. 
Since it's that time of year when many want to go darker, warmer, or even colorful to stay current with the style trends for fall & Halloween, now’s the perfect time to offer a customized Top of the Head service!



We’ll be walking through how Master Educator, April Allen (@spoiledstylist) created a colorful Rockabilly Betty Bang & Money Piece for this spooky season by customizing our Top of the Head hair accessory.



To prep the hair for deposit-only color, clarify the Top of the Head 1-2 times. Secure it onto a mannequin head with a wig or sewing pins and blow dry.



To start off, section the hair according to the color placement planned. April sectioned off the bang and money piece area and then colored the rest with a 1B demi-permanent color. Although she didn’t prefill the hair (and it turned out beautifully), we recommend prefilling when necessary to avoid “hollowness” or fading. This will extend the life of the color & will prevent your clients from being tempted to color it at home! 


Blow dry and style the fringe area in the direction you want the hair to fall. Before cutting, always check for symmetry and that the Top of the Head is centered on the mannequin with the center clip sitting at the middle part line. When cutting, remember less is more. You want to preserve length if needed. We strongly recommend cutting it on your actual client to accurately determine how much or how little needs to be cut.



April used Pulp Riot direct dyes to deposit color in the bangs in the shades Velvet, Absinthe, & Nuclear.

Step 1

Take a slice or a horizontal subsection at the hairline and color it entirely with Velvet. Lay down a foil to avoid getting color on the mannequin or on the client’s forehead. Top it off with another foil to avoid color transfer to the next subsection.


Step 2

The next subsection will be where the color banding effect will start. Begin with the Velvet shade at the root and paint a band that is about ¼ to ½ inch wide.


Step 3

Follow with the shade Abinsthe and then Nuclear, working carefully as to not overlap the colors too much. Repeat this pattern until all the hair in the slice is colored. Do not cover with a foil.



Step 4

Take the next horizontal slice and lay it on top of the section that was previously colored, this will allow visibility so you can see where each shade was placed. Now carefully apply each color on top of where it was placed in the previous subsection.


Steps 5

Repeat steps for each horizontal slice until you run out of hair in the fringe. Then color the money pieces on both sides with the Velvet shade. Once the color has processed for the proper time, wash and style!

You can watch the IG live on our Instagram @hairtalkusa & be sure to tag us when you use any of our extensions for a chance to be featured. 
If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!

by Melissa Velez | hairtalk® Social Media & Content Specialist

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