Groundbreaking New Advancements In Hair Extension Technology

Two woman laying down, showing off their long, shiny hair extensions.

We are delivering transformation like never before with our new hair extension technology. Discover hairtalk®’s unprecedented, premium results, tailored to provide upgraded extension quality for all clients 

Our Upgraded Hair Extensions

Revolutionizing the Hair Extension Industry

Our Bond-Preserving Lightening Technology is a cutting-edge, science-based processing technique that is transformative for the hair extension industry. Aimed at boosting the quality of our Remy human hair extensions, this advanced technology works to maintain the integrity of the hair’s structure 

Experience the unprecedented durability of all our hair methods, from keratin extensions to tape-in extensions to weft extensions. 

Maintaining Disulfide Bonds in Hair 

A disulfide bond helps stabilize protein molecules such as keratin, the protein found in hair. When some companies manufacture hair extensions, these bonds can be damaged by chemical treatments used in the production process. Our innovative technique, however, maximizes disulfide-bond stability, working to hold proteins in the hair together. 

Our New Process of Manufacturing Hair Extensions

Preserving bonds specifically during the hair lightening process is a critical step in ensuring hair extension strength. Our advanced processing technique gently and slowly lifts pigment to preserve disulfide bonds in hair. Combined with an exclusive proprietary formula that protects each hair fiber, this updated technology reinforces the structure and elasticity of our extensions 

Woman showing unhealthy-looking hair before extensions and longer, shinier hair after wearing hair extensions.

Hair Extension Technology Crafted for the Stylist

Prepare to transform your hair extension business with hair that boasts unprecedented shine and softness. Our quality enhancements deliver longer-lasting, healthier looks your clients will seek out at the salon. With reduced risk of breakage and fewer split ends, hairtalk hair extensions prioritize quality you can trust.  

Visit our full quality update guide for more information on our extension innovations.  

hairtalk Extensions' Place in the Hair Extension Industry

We are committed to delivering a premium experience from start to finish. Because we have such confidence in our new quality standards, we are backing our advancements in hair extension technology with a 6-month hassle-free return policy. That’s the hairtalk® difference.  

 Thank you for joining us in this new revolution. 

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