Hair Care: Client Care from a Distance

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Staying in Business

While Maintaining Social Distance

As current events continue to unfold, salons and stylists are forced into the unknown. Rethinking their business structures and service categories, and determining how to continue performing services while maintaining social distance is now top of mind. At hairtalk®, we understand the need to continue making the world beautiful and want to share unique service ideas to do just that from a safe and healthy social distance.

Hair Care: Client Care from a Distance

Currently, many clients are wondering when they can go back into the salon to maintain their mane. As the stylist, you know that one of the most important steps in the extension process is providing the client with proper home care. Maintaining the integrity and health of the extensions and applications shouldn’t be hindered due to our current situation. 

1. Order the hairtalk® Essential Hair Care Set and ship it directly to your client’s home. 

2. Download and send your client a digital hairtalk® Client Care Card:

    tape-in, hand-tied, machine weft extensions client care

    When shipping products to your client’s home, we will remove any invoice from the package to ensure that your account information is secure.

    Let’s continue making the world beautiful. We know this is an incredibly hard time for salons and stylists around the globe. Let’s try to use this time to get creative. Join us daily as we go LIVE on IG and keep up with extension education, COVID-19 funding resources and more. 

    by Randy Garcia | hairtalk® Brand Marketing Manager

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