Healthier Hair + Higher Profits in 4-Minutes

K18 Molecular Repair Service + Hair Extensions


Not all hair and extensions are created and treated equally. With so many ways of damaging the integrity of the hair’s core structure, hairstylists are constantly faced with the challenge of how to achieve their client’s desired end results while maintaining the hair’s health (e.g., hair extensions are a great chemical-free and safe alternative to achieving clients’ hair goals instantly). But there’s also another way to maintain your client’s mane before, during, and after any chemical and/or extension service, K18™ Molecular Repair Service. This innovative technology repairs, restores, and renews clients’ natural hair and extensions.


Patented bioactive peptide treatment prepares, protects, and repairs hair before and after in-salon services. Reverses damage and prevents breakage while strengthening hair and improving elasticity. K18 peptide is a unique sequence of amino acids that travels deep into hair’s core structure to fit in and reconnect broken polypeptide chains (keratin chains) responsible for hair strength and elasticity. Basically restoring the hair to its “virgin” state.


  • Healthier, stronger natural hair is the foundation for a safe, long-lasting extension application. The natural hair is stronger, less compromised, and able to withstand the added density.
  • Human hair extensions naturally lose shine and elasticity due to chemical and heat styling services. K18 revitalizes extensions on a molecular level leaving the hair shinier, softer, and stronger.


Step 1: K18 Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mist

  • 4-minute pre-service treatment (professional only).
  • Strengthens hair before any salon service including extension services.
  • Affects the pH level of hair to penetrate deep into the cortex layer to repair past damage and protect from future damage.

Step 2: K18 Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mask

  • 4-minute post-service treatment (professional only).
  • Repairs damage caused during salon services.
  • Affects the pH level of hair to help close the cuticle layer and seal in peptides to reconnect broken keratin chains.

Step 3: K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask

  • 4-minute post-service at-home leave-in treatment.
  • Continues to repair damage caused during salon services and control ongoing damage caused by heat styling, sun, etc.
  • Affects the pH level of hair to help close the cuticle layer and seal in peptides with added lightweight conditioning benefits to keep hair smooth and soft. 
  • Safe for all extension methods: tape-in, sew-in weft, keratin bonded, etc. 


K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask is to be used in combination with your clients’ normal hairtalk® Hair Care routine. Clients are advised to shampoo their hair with hairtalk® Cleanse Shampoo, towel dry their hair, and apply K18’s mask from roots to ends. After 6 consecutive washes, clients switch back to using hairtalk® Nourish and Nourish Plus Conditioning Masque and can incorporate their K18 mask as needed.

Are you ready to give clients the luxury services they deserve? 4-minutes is all it takes to achieve and maintain healthy hair and extensions while increasing your service revenue. 

by Randy Garcia | hairtalk® Senior Marketing & Creative Manager

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