Make Up for Lost Revenue in Half the Time with Tape-In & Weft Hair Extensions

Endless Profit Potential with hairtalk® Tape-In & Weft Extensions

After months of mandated closures behind us, the effects of COVID-19 continues to linger as salons and stylists now prepare for what’s ahead. The reopening process for states came with the enforcement of new guidelines. Now, salons and stylists are planning and strategizing on how they are going to make up for lost revenue while effectively and efficiently performing services at a reduced capacity. 

With limited appointment availability due to governmental salon guidelines, are you offering clients the highest per hour profiting salon service? The profit potential is endless with hairtalk® extensions

hairtalk® Profit Potential

The key here is working smarter, not harder. By offering extension services, you can triple your profit per hour, increasing your income significantly. This can and will be extremely beneficial in the post-COVID era of working to rebuild your business.

hairtalk® extensions Profit Potential

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Tape-In Extensions

Tape-in extensions are the most popular permanent extension method used today. They are typically an affordable option in both hair cost and service charges. On average it takes a stylist between 45 minutes to 1 hour to apply a full head of extensions, making it the fastest permanent extension method on the market. 

Learn more about hairtalk® Tape-In extensions

Weft Extensions

Weft extensions are trending amongst the beauty industry as a popular extension method for those with active lifestyles. Weft extensions are typically more expensive in both hair costs and services, and take longer to apply, however tend to require less maintenance at home for the client. Application time varies from 2-3 hours for a full head.

Learn more about hairtalk® Weft extensions. 

As you prepare your business for its reopening, begin to strategize how you are going to attain your goals, whether it’s monetary or otherwise. Whether you currently offer extensions as a service or not, the profit potential of your business depends on the services performed within the time allocated and client capacity allowed by your states’ guidelines. 


Congratulations on your re-opening. Remember, you started a business once before and you can do it again. Let’s continue making the world beautiful together, create your account today and grow your profit potential.

Create your account today and enter a world of endless possibilities and profit potential.

by Randy Garcia | hairtalk® Senior Marketing & Creative Manager



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      Are there classes available for stylists?

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      Great inspiration to bring business back

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      I’m currently looking into training on both tape in and weft methods. Do offer training and/or certification?

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