Accessory Extensions: Customized from a Distance

hairtalk® accessory clip-in halo bang-in top of the head extensions
Staying in Business
While Maintaining Social Distance

We are dealing with extremely uncertain and challenging times. As the spread of COVID-19 continues to expand, government officials are mandating salons and hairstylists to close their doors. The current events have prompted us to share unique service ideas while maintaining social distance to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Accessory Extensions: Customized from a Distance

Providing a customized extension transformation doesn’t always require having the client in the chair. hairtalk® accessory extensions (hairband™, Top of the Head, and Bang In) can be customized to your client’s needs while maintaining social distance. 

accessory extensions hairband halo clip-in bang in top of the head

1. Consult your client through various online methods (i.e., FaceTime, Google

2. Hangouts, text message, etc.).Order the hairtalk® accessory extensions and ship it to your salon, studio, or house.

3. Customize the extension piece if needed while taking the proper precautions.

4. Safely pack it up and offer a non-contact delivery:
    • Ship it to your client’s door.
    • Drop it off outside your client’s door.

      5. If shipping, provide your client with tracking information.

      6. Schedule an online appointment through one of the various methods mentioned above.

      7. Walk your client through the steps of applying the accessory extensions.

      If no customization is required, have us ship the hairtalk® accessory extensions directly to your client’s door. Invoices are not placed in packages to ensure that your account information is secure.

      Let’s continue making the world beautiful. We know this is an incredibly hard time for salons and stylists around the globe. Let’s try to use this time to get creative. Join us daily as we go LIVE on IG and keep up with extension education, COVID-19 funding resources and more. 

      by Randy Garcia | hairtalk® Brand Marketing Manager

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