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Ensure your client’s hair extensions stay healthy and hydrated in the summer heat. We’ve put together these quick hair care tips to protect extensions and natural hair from the summer elements and increase your salon revenue along the way.

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1: Cleanse & Nourish

Battle uncontrollable frizz and lack of moisture caused by humidity and heat with hairtalk® Cleanse Shampoo, Nourish Conditioner, and Nourish Plus Conditioning Masque. These are the must-have take-home products of the season for any extension wearer. All hairtalk® Hair Care products are specially formulated to balance moisture, improve manageability, and keep the hair and extensions looking and feeling healthy.

hairtalk Nourish Plus Conditioning Masque2: Mix, Spray & Protect

Protect from chlorine and minerals that could dry out and discolor hair and extensions, especially on blondes. Mix hairtalk® Nourish Plus and water and spray onto hair before going into the beach or pool.

hairtalk extension brush3: Don’t Get Knotty

Before swimming, properly brush with the hairtalk® Pocket Extension Brush and style hair in a low braid to avoid tangles. Section the hair and begin brushing from the bottom working upwards until reaching the attachment site.



hairtalk nourish conditioner1: Wash Away & Moisturize 

Immediately after the beach and/or pool, rinse, wash, and condition the hair with hairtalk® Cleanse Shampoo and Nourish Conditioner. Certain chemicals and minerals could cause the extensions to become dry and brittle. 

cold styling techniques2: Avoid the Heat

Let the extensions take a break from the heat. Add a little product on damp hair and style with no heat. Always remember to avoid using alcohol- and/or oil-based products around tape tabs or keratin bonds. 

hairtalk revive demineralizing remedy3: Revive Your Blondes

Sometimes brass happens. If experiencing discoloration from chemicals and/or minerals, including self-tanners, bronzing sunscreens, etc., hairtalk® Revive Demineralizing Remedy safely removes chemical residue and hard water minerals from extensions and natural hair. 

Now that your clients are ready for the beach, you can sit back and relax knowing that when they come in for a reapplication, their hair extensions will be in a healthy State of Summer Hair.

by Randy Garcia | hairtalk® Senior Creative Manager

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