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welcome to hairtalk® extensions. the blog.

You know those tasks that have been on your to-do list, yet you never get around to doing? The “when I have free time I’ll get to it” things? Yep. We do too. Launching our blog was one of them. With many product launches and other brand initiatives, a blog was in the works, but not at the top of the priority list. With the current crazy COVID-19 situation at hand, it was as if the universe was saying to us: put your other initiatives aside, it’s time to focus on cultivating your hairtalk® community.

So here we are, amidst this world feeling like it may be upside down, ready as ever to share with you, and hear from you. We know this is an extremely difficult time for our stylists and salon owners across the country (and world), and while we can’t help get your hands on your clients’ hair, we can promise you that we’ll be here to provide you with non-stop content and a strong like-minded community to connect to.

In addition to this blog, we have also launched Virtual Education classes, as well as IG LIVES. We invite you to join us, share, and meet fellow hairtalk® stylists all going through the same experiences you are.

In this blog, you’ll be hearing from many different members of our hairtalk® family including our educators, stylists, marketing and social media teams. If you’re not a stylist, but a hairtalk® lover, not to be concerned; we will be sharing styling tips, at home extension care, hair trends, and more – we’d even love to feature you, if blogging fancies you (send us an email at news@hairtalkusa.com or leave a comment below). Always feel free to shoot us a DM at @hairtalkusa with topics or questions you’d like us to cover.

During these hard times, we are building a tight community, who will come out stronger on the other side. We can’t wait for you to join us here, on IG, and in our Virtual Education classes. Wishing you much love and strength during this time and welcome to hairtalk® the blog. 

by Esther Schoonover | hairtalk® Brand Director 

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