Why Keratin Bond Extensions?

hairtalk® Why Keratin Bond Extensions

Are you considering offering keratin bond extensions as a service? With so many methods of extensions available, you’re probably wondering, “why keratin?” Each method has its benefits and drawbacks, and we want to help you understand the reasons why you should begin offering keratin extensions as a salon service.

What are Keratin Extensions?

Also known as the strand by strand or fusion method, this method utilizes individual strands of hair attached on one end of a glue bond (i.e., keratin). The extensions are then applied to the client’s hair using heat (or cold) to fuse the bonded strands and natural hair in individual pieces/sections. By taking smaller sections, unlike tape-in and weft extensions, professional stylists can create seamless transformations throughout the entire hair and apply closer to the hairline without fearing exposure to the attachment site.

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Benefits of Keratin Extensions

  • Each application is fully customizable to add length, volume, and/or chemical-free color.

  • Longest-lasting extension method: average length of wear is between 3 to 5 months with proper care.

  • Placement of bond allows for a natural feel of mobility: 360-movement with no styling restrictions.

  • Lightweight extensions can be safely applied in more fragile, finer hair textures as well as hairline and/or fringe areas.

  • Less tension: with smaller attachment sites and properly matching the natural hair’s density, the wearer isn’t overwhelmed with the much-added weight of other methods.

Drawbacks of Keratin Extensions

  • Longest application time: average length of service is between 5 to 6 hours.

  • Suitable for all hair types and densities, but the thicker the hair, the longer the application will take to seamlessly blend into the natural hair.

  • Extensions are one-time use only. Once removal is required, new extensions will need to be ordered. 

  • No maintenance appointments are needed in-between applications: hairtalk recommends scheduling monthly “maintenance” appointments with clients to ensure the application is being properly cared for. This will help prevent slippage and/or matting of attachment sites.

    Understanding the different extension methods and how to properly apply them should be a top priority for all professionals offering these services. As a luxury service provider, your clients are trusting your expertise to help guide them through the consultation process in hopes of achieving their desired results. Extensions are the key to working smarter, not harder, and these services can triple your profit per hour. 

    by Randy Garcia | hairtalk® Senior Marketing & Creative Manager

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