Modern Salon

Modern Salon | How to: Before and After Using Hairtalk Tape-in Extensions

Modern Salon | Hairtalk Launches New Shades For High Impact Balayage And Colormelts

Modern Salon | Weft-Brained: Here’s What You Need to Know About Hand-Tied and Machine Weft Hair Extensions

Modern Salon | Con-textural Collection by Sarajane Maples

Modern Salon | Attend the Extend Event and Become an Extension Expert

Modern Salon | See the Winner & Hairtalk's Creative Freedom Finalist

Modern Salon | Hairtalk's Hassle Free Warranty on all of its Hair Extensions

Modern Salon | BIG CHANGE: Demo Model Gets a New Look 

Modern Salon | 10 Must-See Hair Extension Transformations!

Modern Salon | Creative Freedom: Fantasy Hair Using Extensions

Modern Salon | How to Create Contrast In Red Hair Transformations Using Tape-In Extensions

Modern Salon | Creative Freedom: Fixing Fine, Wispy Hair 

Modern Salon | A Game Changer For Your Extensions' Business

Modern Salon | Petite Extensions, Huge Impact: Petite Extensions By Hairtalk 

Modern Salon | Color 25/8R by Hairtalk

Modern Salon | Get 50% Off a Full Head of Quality Hair Extensions With Hairtalk's Trade Up Program 

Modern Salon | Diary of a Beauty Editor: Hairtalk's Hairband Made Me Extension Obsessed

Modern Salon | Helping Hair Grow Stronger While Wearing Extensions

Modern Salon | HOW TO: Before and After Using Hairtalk Tape-In Extensions

Modern Salon | Hairtalk's New Colormelts

Modern Salon | Hairtalk Introduces New Shades In Hairband and Rooted Collections

Modern Salon | Hairtalk Hair Extensions Debuts Pops of Color 

Modern Salon | Hairtalk's Countertop/Wall Mount Extensions Stocking Cabinet

Modern Salon | Modern Bardot How-To

Modern Salon | Fantasy Extensions By Hairtalk

Modern Salon | Hairtalk Introduces Platinum 60A Extensions

Modern Salon | Hairtalk's New Pops of Color

Modern Salon | Hairtalk's Essential Haircare Set 

Modern Salon | Make Extensions An Option For Low-Maintenance Clients

Modern Salon | Hairtalk Tool Wristband

Modern Salon | The Power of Versatility: Glamorous Holiday Hair 

Modern Salon | Hairtalk Released The Bang-In Hair Extension 

Modern Salon | Hairtalk Extensions

Behind The Chair

Behind The Chair | Hairtalk Extensions Launches A New In-Salon Stocking Cabinet For Premium Hair Extensions 

Behind The Chair | Timesaving Technique: Instand Beaded Row™ Extension Installation

Behind The Chair | Instant Beaded Row

Behind The Chair | BOBS: 4 Extension Tips To Avoid an Awkward Growout

Behind The Chair | Transformation: Blunt Blonde Bob With Extensions

Behind The Chair | Watch: Double Hand Tied Weft Extension Application Technique

Behind The Chair | Unconventional Color: 5 Tips To Perfect The Design Process

Behind The Chair | 4 Tips To Give Clients Better, Blonder Extensions

Behind The Chair | Give Your Clients This Guide For At Home Extension Care

Behind The Chair | Tape-In Extensions: Iridescent Lavender + Shadow Root

Behind The Chair | Hair Painting With Extensions

Behind The Chair | Dimensional Blonde With Extensions

Behind The Chair | Double Hand Tied Weft 

Behind The Chair | Bang In 

Behind The Chair | Extension Brush

Behind The Chair | 6 Mistakes That Can Ruin a Tape-In Extension Application 

Behind The Chair | Watch: Lob Styling Using Extensions

Behind The Chair | Cheat a Fuller A-Line Bob With Tape-In Extensions- Here's How

Behind The Chair | A Line Bob With Extensions- Watch The Video How To

Behind The Chair | Pastel Pops Of Color + Point Cut Lob With Extensions

Behind The Chair | Bangs With Zero Commitment

Behind The Chair | Pop, Lock, and Drop-It: The Tape-In Extension Technique

Behind The Chair | Top of The Head

Behind The Chair | Face-Framing Fashion Color

Behind The Chair | Platinum Blonde 60A

Behind The Chair | Cool Platinum With Extensions

Behind The Chair | Pops of Color

Behind The Chair | Chemical-Free Balayage

Behind The Chair | Colormelts Extensions

Behind The Chair | Alicia Iannone

Behind The Chair | Color Melt With Extensions

Behind The Chair | Braided Crown How-To

Behind The Chair | Essential Haircare Set

Behind The Chair | Hair Extension Removal & Reapplication Board

Behind The Chair | Extensions: Sectioning, Color Matching, Pricing & More

Behind The Chair | Get The Look: Petite Extensions, One Big Result

Behind The Chair | This Makeover Is For Your Color Commitment Phobes 

Behind The Chair | The Hair(talk) of the Town: 5-Minute Extensions 

Behind The Chair | Original, Petite, and Mini Extensions

Behind The Chair | Textured Faux Hawk Braid

Studio Sage

Studio Sage | Hairtalk Extensions At Studio Sage

Beauty and the Blonde

Beauty and the Blonde | Everything you've wondered about getting tape in Extensions


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